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Re-opening News! Per Gov. Bullock's Order lift:

I’m so excited to announce as of

Monday April 27th, I can reopen my doors!!

However, after long conversations with my staff. We, I have decided Not to swing the door wide open.

Dress by Jess,LLC will be honoring my bridal/regular fittings for any client who had previously scheduled appointments that had to be rescheduled. If you have questions on this please ask first and do not hesitate.

Please CALL me at (406)260-4443

OR, MESSAGE, EMAIL, do not assume we will reach out. Some of you have already been messaging me and if I don’t respond, please message me back. My phone has been going insane, please allow for some understanding and grace during this time, we will accommodate fittings slowly and first need/by wedding date basis. We will get to you, however space/dates are limited.

We will be starting by creating a list for appointments for brides that have existing inventory in our stock, what this means is we are going to prioritize fittings for brides that have dresses that are being altered first. We will not neglect the fact that our business needs to make income at this time therefore we will be taking some brides on but not neglecting the fact that we have existing product that needs attention.

General alterations pick up will be handled in the same respect. If you have items that are pending pickup we promise that we will do our best to get them to you in an orderly fashion.


At this time, Dress by Jess, LLC is requiring everyone to come alone, (THIS IS NON NEGOTIABLE) unless the person is getting a service done as well, in which case they will need to wait in a separate waiting room. You will be required to have your temperature taken before entering the shop. I will have more instructions prior to your scheduled appointment and go over them step by step with you so the experience is not awkward.

For your safety and mine please wear a mask to your scheduled appointments.

I have some that are reuseable and are ready to wear in stock. If you need one, let me know ahead of time!

Also if you have had ANY cold/flu symptoms PLEASE let us know to be reschedule. That goes for other contagious illnesses as well. I know it’s allergy season however we need to be proactive.

I’m also asking that if you have traveled outside the state of Montana at any time you self quarantine for 14 days and reschedule your appointment further out.

Please help us keep the doors open and the spread of Covid-19 to a minimum.

PLEASE REFRAIN FROM STOPPING BY. YES, I might be in the shop. However, I will not be able to review your order or address your needs unless you have an appointment.

I’m so so excited to see each and everyone of you in the coming weeks.

Please help me be able to continue doing my job and lets work together to get thru this time of transition!

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