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May Updates 🥰

Hello Everyone!

Thank you for your understanding during this unprecedented time!

First off, our automated notification system has been updating unexpectedly at random times, IT is looking Into it and we are doing our best to get it resolved! If you receive irrelevant information with your order information or old texts about your order, I apologize, it is a glitch.

Secondly, we are Still in the 1st phase of reopening. This means we are not fully open. I understand this could be confusing for some as most other retailers are fully open. We do not yet have a timeline for our 2nd phase but are working towards being more accessible as time allows and the safety of our clients, staff and families will be our top priority.

Third- Orders:

This is a huge weight. We are doing our best to navigate the needs of each of our clients, scheduling limitations and prioritizing each client appropriately. Each of our clients carry the same importance, however, some clients garment orders have deadlines, others do not, we ask that those who do not please be patient with us as we meet those deadlines and process thru the orders efficiently by needs/due first.


We maintain the belief that the highest quality is integrity, mostly we are unable to be reached by phone right now, however, this is not due to oversight or abandonment of value, our customers are very important to us. As many know, Jess is a mother to 4 children, Lack of resources for child care has left Jess in a state where finding care is difficult during these times, scheduling is difficult. Our transparency in this is not in a Hope's to cast doubt in her ability to make appointments but add that while she has limited time, she still is there for her clients and responsibilities.

Jess and Gena and best reached by Text, email or fb messages at this time

It may take a bit for us to respond, but we will! We thank you for your patience, endurance and trust during this unique and unpredictable world we are all adjusting to.

We will not let COVID-19 ruin this.

Thank you for tuning in.

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