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Mask Mandate update

Starting July 16th, in an effort to remain compliant with the requirements of the state mandate:

Dress by Jess, LLC is a mask required establishment for anyone over 5 years old. As a business owner, I struggle to ask this of my clients but I need to ensure my doors remain open. It used to be a suggestion but it is now mandated for businesses that operate face to face(like we do) by Governor Bullock and our local health department. Please help us stay open during this time by following the new #maskupmontana rules.

Here are our fitting updates:

1. If you do not have a mask, When you come into our Door there will be a table to the right , this table will have both reuseable and disposable masks available for our clients. 2. This mask requirement will be required for guest of clients 3. We will ask you wash/sanitize your hands in our office building prior to your fitting

Ultimately- our boundary must bluntly be this: Entry into the building from our front door is not allowed without a mask 😷 on. If for any reason you cannot wear one please call/text us 406-260-4443 and we can accommodate with additional precautions for your fittings.

Please be kind to our staff as we try to adjust and Inform as many people as we can of the changes as this just landed. This year has been a hardship for everyone and we understand that. Let us all lead with grace and Keep each other safe, love each other as we would want to be loved!


The Dress by Jess, LLC Crew ❤️

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