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Bridal Alterations

Leading Experts in Wedding Gown Alterations and Tailoring


Wedding Day Dressing Service

Take all the stress out of your wedding morning by booking our Wedding Day Dressing Service. We will blend into the background of they day while helping every member of your bridal party to get dressed, meaning, your bridesmaids & loved ones are all free to relax and enjoy the build up!*Due to its Popularity, this service requires Pre-booking*

Wedding Gown Steaming

Our dress steaming service makes sure you and your wedding party are looking your best on your big day. While many brides like to pick up their gowns and bridesmaid dresses a week or two before their wedding, you can pre-book for this service just a few days leading up to the wedding day. We also offer a discount with delivery service When bundled with our Dressing Services.
Contact us for more info, breakdown or to schedule this service!

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Custom Made Gowns

Custom Dressmaking and Vintage Restyling is right in my wheel house! I love re-designing or bringing vintage pieces to new life! You can check out pieces I have done in the bridal gallery for amazing before/after transformations. Setup a consultation to expose all the potential with your gown!Schedule a consultation below!

Custom Bridal Gown Alterations

No matter the project, weather it be a simple bustle, increasing embellishments like adding extra beading or Straps to bigger projects like reconfiguring a bodice for fit security or changing a hem, no matter what- our skilled seamstress is here to make sure your dress looks and fits just the way you want it! Our current brides and their party members love that "custom fit" feeling they receive after receiving their formal Wear!Call to schedule soon! Spots fill quickly!


Bridal Gown Preservation

It’s never to early (or late) to think about how to care for your precious wedding gown. After your wedding day has passed, we suggest Preserving your Gown A.S.A.P. Unfortunately, all those fun events will eventually cause your wedding gown to become stained and yellowed over time. Makeup, lipstick, food, dirt from the dance floor, grass, wine, all create visible and invisible stains on your wedding gown that degrade the delicate, natural fibers over time if left untreated. The only way to remove these stains, prevent future yellowing is to return your wedding gown to it’s original brilliance and have your gown professionally cleaned and then preserved.Want More info? Need To arrange a time for drop off? Click below and schedule your drop off!

Bridal Alterations: Bridal Services


Bridal Alterations: FAQ

When should I schedule a Consultation?

Technically-You should schedule your first fitting 12 weeks before your wedding, Minimum.

However- life can throw curve balls- 

Most alterations take up to 6-12 weeks for completion. 

During the busy months I book VERY quickly due to high demand so it is advised to book your appointment even up to 6-12 months in advance to secure your slot. 

 *Typically busy season is Jan-Sept  and weekends and evening appointments are very popular and space/Time is limited through the season*

How much time will my Consultation take?

Most Fittings and consultations can take uo to half hour to 3 hoursYou can request to pre-book these time slots over the phone, via website or by sending me a text. I want to cover all the bases and get all the info needed to customize your dress into a masterpiece!

Commonly Asked Questions

  • Consultation Fee: 

    To reserve your appointment there is a $20.00 Consultation Fee upon booking, this fee is non-refundable and secures your spot in the schedule!

  • Forms Of Payment Accepted: 

    As a convenience to our clients, Accepted forms are; Cash, Local Verified Check, All major Credit/Debit Cards. There is a pre-payment policy in this studio.

  • Alteration Cost: 

    Gowns with Beading and lace can always add a higher cost due to their delicacy many are on average $200-$400, However, there is no way to Determine any alteration cost with out a full consultation. 

What items Should I Bring With me?

Plan to Bring your gown, shoes, any coordinates and undergarments you plan to wear.

Can you alter my bridemaid dress?

As a convenience, I only offer alterations for existing bridal party members.Example:Bridal client refers their bridal party members to us for alterations for their wedding. 
I am not open to the public. 

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